stop smoking in Sheffield hypnosis stress relief

Why I’m Changing The Way I Support Smokers To Become Non-smokers

stop smoking in Sheffield hypnosis stress relief

The first country in the world to introduce mandatory packaging for tobacco products was Australia – and the UK followed suit in 2017. But will the UK copy Australia’s plan to keep increasing taxes until a packet of cigarettes costs AUD$40 (£24)?

The average price of a packet of cigarettes in the UK rose over a tenner last year putting the average cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes at £10.80

Therefore a 20-a-day smoker keeping up their habit saw themselves an extra £178.85 out of pocket over a year.

Take a look at the numbers more closely, a smoker who typically smokes 20 cigarettes per day will cost him £70 per week, that’s £300 per month and a whopping £3650 a year.

Smoking ten years £36,500 and for many, it’s over 20 years, especially those that come to see me who’ve been smoking since they left school £73,000.

Can you afford £300 per month to help you manage your stress, anxiety or any challenges that life will put in your path over your lifetime? Or are you willing to look at a healthier natural option that is designed to improve your health and wellbeing?

Quitting smoking does lead to a more abundant life in more ways than one; however, for most smokers, quitting is a difficult process. Many smokers attempt to quit repeatedly before they succeed, with some relapsing even after a lengthy period of abstinence.

Many people have used smoking to deal with stressful situations in their lives. So, when you experience stress after quitting, it may trigger intense craving for a cigarette.

My research highlights that anyone who has suffered trauma, anxiety, or stress is prone to relapse unless additional support is sought or provided.

Following a free consultation, I now offer my clients two options to become a non-smoker. The first option is the standard 2-hour smoking cessation session, which is designed to get you to stop smoking immediately. In this timeframe, we will be dealing specifically with the specific triggers for you that causes you to smoke.

The 2nd option follows the same process but incorporates 11, 1-hour sessions over 11 months.

The sessions provide the scope to analyse the past triggers for smoking and continued reinforcing coping approaches that will assist you to stay a non-smoker for years to come.

Therefore, should you be faced with any trauma, anxiety or stressful situations, I will be at available to assist and support you throughout your journey to be a permanent smoker.

If you’re seriously considering quitting smoking permanently, get in touch and discover how hypnosis could help you to save money, and improve your health, please call 0114 327 2683 or email for a FREE 20 minute no-obligation consultation.

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