Sharon Gardiner

What can I say about Mike Lawrence? Well, I have always found Mike to be a great listener and a calming influencer. My biggest praise to Mike is not from helping me personally but more from the work I have seen he was done with my Sister. Coming to the end of the first lockdown when we were able to form a bubble, I saw how much the issue had affected my her. She would not come out of her house and just broke down in tears with my son pleading with her getting angry and lashing out.

Her reaction to me was you didn’t stand up for me said through such sad crying eyes!! I was in total shock and really concerned about her, she said she was only here because of Callum and me. I had to do something.

I mentioned this to Mike on a call we were due to have anyway regarding another business matter, asking if he knew anyone that could help. Mike said he would have a chat with her, and I was so grateful.

I told her I had someone she could talk to thinking it would be hard to get her to open up. My Sister has always suffered from depression and anxiety and not had a great deal of self-confidence. She has never been able to speak to me. I could see again how desperate she was the fact she agreed.

Now I don’t know what, how or when they meet what was discussed or what approach Mike took with her. What I can say is I have seen the difference Mike has made to my Sister. She is smiling again, she is more confident, she is coming round, she is so much happier in herself. She has completed so many online courses to be able to help others through depression, anxiety and not only that has also learnt about Autism, ADHD to try to help my son !!!!. 6 certificates I have printed off for her so far.

I cannot recommend Mike highly enough. The proof is in the pudding, and I have seen that with my own eyes. All I can say is thank you, Mike, for your help and getting my Sister back on track and making those odd calls to make sure she is not sliding off again. I am so appreciative and will always be grateful.