Rachael Neal Lapworth

I would like to thank Mike for his workshop I attended – How to actively take control of your Time and Your Life 2019. The handouts and email communications have been faultless. Mike has a presence that puts you at ease the moment you meet with him. Not only is he professional he is also clear in and passionate in his work. Money well spent and time on myself that was worth the trip to Sheffield without a doubt. Mike also spent time after the workshop to demonstrate the holistic therapies he offers. I was fortunate to have been one who he demonstrated on. I suffer with fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome. I had also more recently been suffering with lower back pain. Thanks to Mike I had a better nights sleep after this short demonstration and can actually say the restless legs went for a good week. Magic Mike was thrown into the conversation and all I can say is that from a short demonstration that was given helped me so much I highly recommend taking the time to contact Mike and see him on a one to one session. I know I shall be.