Lynn Collins

Mike helped me at what was possibly the lowest point of my life- losing my Dad to COVID, lockdown and homeworking was completely overwhelming and I did not know what direction to turn. I had known Mike for a while professionally, and we had always been like-minded and passionate about wellbeing. Experiencing his approach as a client, he was insightful, compassionate, warm, but also gently challenging when needed- the combination of his skillset of different complementary therapies had a profoundly positive effect on me and I felt my mindset shifting, for the short and long term in a relatively short space of time. By the time we came to the end of our sessions, I was feeling truly ‘Epic’ which I honestly never thought I would feel again. I would recommend Mike to anyone who has lost their mojo, sense of direction, lost their confidence, or have anything that is holding them back that needs to be banished forever. I cannot recommend him enough, for, at that time, the sessions helped me to function again, but also to become a new and improved version of my former self.