Janey Hansen

After a few years of distressing work and personal stress beyond my control, my body started to react in my late 50’s. I had pains in my shoulders and lower back, extreme fatigue and some mental confusion which I now know is referred to as ‘Fibro Fog’. An initial consultation with Mike led me, with his guidance to a level of control over my life and huge improvements in my condition I never imagined possible. Mike Lawrence’s strategy and approach to my Fibromyalgia allowed me to identify the root cause, step back a little and for my mind and body to balance and take control again. I am no longer a cynic, nor do I drive myself too hard and truly believe that we can sometimes with the right advice, re-adjust. I am in debt to Mike for opening up all the possibilities so I have no dependence on medication any longer.

Thanks to Mike’s guidance and approach, I gained control over my Fibromyalgia and improved my condition beyond what I thought was possible.