Clair Yates-Cook

I wanted to provide you with a testimonial following the hypnosis session you did with me prior to going on holiday over recent years I have developed a fear of flying this seems to have come out of nowhere and had at one point becoming so extreme that I stopped going abroad I decided I was sick of it bothering me and booked a holiday to Tenerife I asked you if you didn’t notice the fear of flying and you said yes you could certainly help we arrange the session for the day before I flew it was very relaxing and I hoped had the desired effect the next day when I got to the airport there was no fear whatsoever some slight apprehension but nothing like what I had experienced previously we boarded the plane still nothing we took off still nothing we landed in Tenerife after a thoroughly enjoyable flight and I couldn’t believe how good I felt about the whole experience so much so that we may delete booked another week in the Canaries for September I’m going to start working back up to long haul and I have to say I’m so impressed I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing help with a fear or phobia