Get Your Staff Back Into The Workplace Happy

get employees back to work happyHow well do you know your staff? The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a considerable toll on people and businesses across the UK. There’s no escaping the scale of the challenge UK businesses are facing for their employees returning to work. The pandemic could have a “profound” effect on people’s mental health – now and in the future, unless we understand their challenges, listen to their concerns and offer assistance in a way that some businesses may not have the resources or skills in-house to do so.

A recent Deloitte report on mental health, a case for investment reported an average return of £5 for every £1 spent on workplace mental health and wellbeing.

I have created a unique employee care plan designed to help local business owners to support their employees who have been self-isolating and working from home over recent months. Remember, happy staff are productive staff!

The 7 Step Care Plan:

  1. Identifies employees who have been impacted emotionally by the coronavirus
  2. Inspires managers on how to improve their team’s wellbeing
  3. Increases awareness and support for employees whose mental health has suffered
  4. Supports employees who are worried and concerned about returning to work, having been furloughed
  5. Provides guidance for employees transitioning to the new workplace conditions and assistance for those still working from home
  6. Empowers employees affected by the loss of earnings and ongoing financial worries
  7. Ignites staff morale and motivation affected by the lockdown and self-isolation

The Investment:

  • ½ day workshop/webinar (up to 25 employees) – Call for a free quote
  • 1-day workshop/webinar (up to 50 employees) – Call for a free quote
  • 3-month health & wellbeing support + one day per month on-site/webinar/remote (wellness workshops, 1-2-1 employee support and energiser session) – (up to 50 employees) – call for a free quote

* There are a limited number of courses available to ensure maximum benefits to each employee, so register your interest today by calling 0114 327 2683 or email

About Mike Lawrence

Mike is an award-winning workplace health and wellbeing consultant. Mike knowledge, experience and achievements have not only brought him national and international acclaim, but a constant stream of private and corporate clients.

Reducing absenteeism amongst workforces across the UK and improving employee morale and companies’ internal cultures meant Mike’s services were in great demand within the corporate world. He has worked with businesses such as Computer Sense, the Public Carriage Office, Transport for London, Specialist Make-up Services Limited, the Nouveau Beauty Group, Dixons Store Group and Priority Data, as well as practices in Harley Street. He has coached thousands of employees, boosting their motivation, emotional resilience and mental health, and instilling the foundations of good stress management.