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REVIEW: Mike Lawrence Consultancy & Mike Lawrence - Life Coach in Sheffield, Holistic Therapist, HypnotherapyHolistic Therapies

Mike Lawrence has been hailed in the media as having a ‘gift’  being the ‘go-to’ person when considering a holistic treatment…

Treatments advertised on Mike’s website range from stress management and life coaching to cognitive behavioural solutions and Chinese therapies.  Many of these therapies are given with the aim of assisting and encouraging people to, for example, quit smoking, manage pain, stress and anxiety, and he covers many health issues through integrative therapy.

Upon meeting Mike, I felt an instant calming feeling, as his persona is just that, very relaxed and content in himself- something many could learn from.   I visited Mike at his clinic based in Sheffield recently and if I’m honest I wasn’t entirely sure which treatment (s) I was booked in for, I simply booked in for a ninety minute session with the knowledge that Mike knew his ‘stuff’ and would assess accordingly when I arrived and advise on which way to go from there and I was exactly right.   Although Mike is a qualified hypnotherapist and also trained in the Chinese art of acupressure and Tui na he is also very spiritual and intuitive meaning he has the benefit of being able to assess very quickly and easily what a client requires of him and which treatments or combination of treatments he should administer, therefore each patient is treated as a bespoke case as such.

Mike’s demographic aims at anyone interested and open-minded enough to embrace his treatments and theories, however specifically busy professionals often visit for assistance in many of the above treatments, with them living busy lives and needing that little bit of encouragement to simply slow down and manage their stress levels.  We all lead busy lives these days so this could apply to anyone- perhaps you are going through a difficult time at present, grieving a passed loved one or you could be busy parents who may not be getting enough sleep- sleep is another of Mike’s specialities!

I mentioned previously that Mike is a very intuitive person and as such offers what is called intuitive therapy- integrative psychotherapy that utilises intuition to uncover what the client senses but may not be consciously aware of.  This was something Mike used with me after taking me into a very deep state of relaxation through hypnosis – something I have never experienced before, nor thought I’d be able to do.  As a busy professional myself my mind is always overactive, and I often find it difficult to shut myself off; in particular when asleep and so over the years I have experienced affected sleep patterns as well as stress and anxiety which many of us have and will in various stages of their lives.  Often we try to self-diagnose or visit the doctor whereby medication is often the only remedy offered, however as someone who only resorts to Western medicine as the last option and prefers to seek natural and holistic approaches to everything in my life; I found Mikes treatments to be extremely interesting.   I would say that I have experienced more than the average person when it comes to what is commonly known as ‘alternative therapies’ and have embraced them all individually for the benefits they offer,  however I learnt a lot from my visit with Mike Lawrence having never heard of for example intuitive therapy or known much about integrative therapies.

Mikes knowledge in the areas in which he promotes is vast, and he is visibly passionate about his work and the industry in which he works.  We spent a good hour post-treatment just chatting about all things natural and health-related and found many synergies with our daily routines and diets.  For example, Mike likes to juice and uses sea moss /seeds in his juices and smoothies as I do.  We also shared recommended brands of natural products we have tried and tested- for example, deodorants and skin care that omit the dangerous, nasty chemicals, so many common brands contain and Mike kindly emailed me some of his favourite products following my time with him.

Interestingly Mike also runs a ‘Mind Spa- A session (half day) at the Mind Spa is a different kind of spa, one designed to offer preventive wellness for the mind and body.  There is also a corporate wellness programme on offer for companies who wish to implement an in-house wellness protocol to help improve employee productivity and a general healthy work environment.

Within my time with Mike I was given hypnotherapy, intuitive therapy and a combination of acupressure and Tui Na- at the end of the treatment when in discussion, I mentioned that my calves often feel very tense and therefore often tender- on a scale of one to ten I was asked what the pain level was at that current moment and I responded with an eight.  Mike spent a few seconds doing some energy work (likened to reiki) and in a matter of seconds he then again asked me what the pain was from one to ten- It had reduced to a three!

Mike goes above and beyond to assist in whatever you are looking to achieve in your life to bring you to optimum health as best as he can and to encourage you to be the best version of yourself in various ways.

Some things need no explanation. I highly recommend a visit to Mike for an improved overall mind and body cleanse and don’t forget to take your open mind along with you.







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