Corporate Health & Wellbeing Consultancy

wellness consultant SheffieldMike Lawrence is an experienced corporate health and wellbeing consultant, who has previously implemented wellbeing initiatives at Nouveau Beauty Group, Transport for London, London Borough of Enfield, Computer Sense, PC World, Priority Data, Haringey Borough Council, Specialist Make-up Services Limited.

Mike designs individualised programmes by analysing the challenges and root causes of the business and directing resources to demonstrate a positive return on investments.

He understands the modern business and has an insatiable passion for helping employers of all sizes, innovating new and sustainable methods to improve the health and wellbeing of all their employees.

Mike has extensive experience in a wide variety of workplace sectors including, corporate, sales, civil service, cosmetic beauty and IT. He is equally comfortable working with the front line staff or reporting into the senior management team. Mike is used to working independently, as part of an in-house team or in collaboration with associated partners and has a proven track record in delivering measurable results.

Skills & Expertise

  • A confident and regular presenter at local, national and international events
  • Credible wellbeing practitioner with an extensive network of colleagues
  • Experienced health and wellbeing leader with excellent communication skills
  • Performance management and programme implementation
  • Workplace mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, neurodiversity awareness & business case analysis

If any of your employees are constantly stressed, absenteeism is a problem, morale is low, always off work due to lower back pain, or you want to learn more about mental health and neurodiversity please complete the form below, or call 0114 670 081.

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