Choosing a Life Coach in Sheffield

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Life Coach in Sheffield

Choosing a Life Coach in SheffieldImagine, you’ve reached that tipping point in your life when you’re considering help from a life coach, you may have pondered for weeks months and sometimes years before you actually reach out to enquire. Having trawled through google and social media to find someone that you trust and can help you.

I’m going to help you by saving you more time by giving you my 10 top tips on how you can quickly find your ideal Life Coach in Sheffield and what you must look for.

1. Life Coaching Qualifications & Experience

The life coaching industry is unregulated and there are no governing bodies that oversee the industry. Life coaches stem from all walks of life and from a range of diverse backgrounds. Check the qualifications. Note whether the life coach has undertaken training from a reputable training provider; which incorporates at least 100 hours of study, because you can now train and learn to become a life coach online without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

2. Life Coaching Trade Associations

When choosing a life coach, it can be reassuring to know that they work to certain standards of good practice as a professional, as you will be placing a huge amount of trust in them. Not all qualified life coaches are members of a professional body. However, being a member means a life coach has met certain requirements set by their member organisation and must abide by a code of ethics and complaints procedure.

3. Life Coaching Case Studies & Testimonials

Carefully read through the testimonials. This will give you an insight into the kinds of clients that the life coach has helped, look for similarities in their work and perhaps it will soon become apparent whether the life coach will be able to help you.

4. Questions to Ask Your Life Coach

Whether online via Skype, zoom video conferencing or face to face it’s imperative to book a consultation before engaging in life coaching. You should ask a number of questions at this initial consultation. Does the life coach understand your problem, check their level of expertise, fees, guarantees, frequency of sessions and level of support?

5. How Much To Pay For A Life Coach

The fees for life coaching vary quite considerably from £25 per session through to ¬£1000s for corporate executive coaching. The fees are dependent upon the experience of the life coach, coaches who work part-time at the evening and weekends have a tendency to charge lower fees and may work from a residential property, hotel room, or rent a consultation room. In comparison to a professional life coach who would have a full-time practice in their own clinical setting or deliver the services on-site at the company’s premises.

6. Check Your Life Coach’s Profile

A careful read of a life coach’s background, skills and abilities will also provide you with a good grounding and understanding of the coach, in particular their likes and interests, are they similar to that of your own?

7. Online and Telephone Life Coaching?

Traditionally, the most common method of life coaching involves life coaches meeting one-to-one with clients in an office. However, online, email and telephone sessions are emerging as an alternative and offer a more convenient way to access coaching. So, think about what you want and whether you prefer a coach to work with you face to face or you are happy to work over the telephone or online.

8. Male or Female Life Coach?

Obviously, there is no difference in the level of service you would get between a male or female life coach. However, you may have your own gender preference or just feel more comfortable with a man or woman. Ask yourself, would you prefer to work with a male or female life coach? This is a consideration for some clients enquiring but not all. Think about your own personal circumstances and why you’re seeking the assistance of a life coach, could there be any underlying concerns that you would rather discuss with a female coach rather than a male or vice versa.

9. Life Coaching Speciality

Most clients that start life coaching have something in particular that they are seeking assistance with. Whether it’s low self-esteem, career, relationship, or something else. Therefore, it could help to look for a coach that can specifically help you in that area. However, that’s not to say that someone who promotes themselves as a stress coach couldn’t help you with career development.

10. Ask For Life Coach Recommendations

While we shouldn’t solely rely on someone else’s experience (as everyone will have their own views when it comes to qualities of a life coach), it can be a good option to help you find a life coach who is appropriate for you. Especially if you know someone who has already tried coaching. Ask them about their experience, outcomes and any general advice.


As a highly qualified and experienced life coach in Sheffield, I would be more than happy to help you. If you’re considering life coaching and would like more information and learn how life coaching would help you, please call 0114 327 2683 or email for a FREE, no obligation consultation.


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