workplace stress management case study

Case Study: Work Stress Management at Priority Data

workplace stress management case studyPriority Data is a long-established reseller of computer anti-virus software, employing approximately 15 people needed to modernise its operation.

The Issue

Having been consistently profitable for many years, changes in the market meant the company was making a loss. To regain its leading position in the industry, it set out to completely restructure its operation. The company also embarked on a major restructuring programme which involved decentralising its operations and establishing regional cost centres. However, while sales and profitability improved, it was at a slower rate than anticipated, and although the changes were taking effect, it was at a high personal cost – employees across the organisation were experiencing stress-related problems, including poor health, increased absenteeism and decreased productivity.   A stress analysis established that it was middle managers who were experiencing the highest levels of stress resulting from the changes, especially as they perceived events to be beyond their influence or control. A further analysis confirmed that the restructuring programme had been the main source of stress, which consequently made it more difficult for employees to cope with changes as they were implemented.

The Solution

To minimise the problem, I worked with the employer to introduce a programme of stress coaching to run parallel with the change initiative. The aim was to address the issues of role clarity and responsibility and, vitally, involve employees in how changes were rolled out across the organisation. The result was a tangible reduction of stress-related problems, improved staff morale and an increase in sales and productivity.

Testimonials from Senior Managment at Priority Data

“From skeptic to convert in six sessions. First and foremost, my ability to deal with stressful situations improved almost immediately and continues to improve daily. I no longer dread situations at work or in my personal life that used to cause me immense grief. Decisions have become easier, worries have been a lot less and I am a much happier confident person. Thanks for providing alternatives to stress and providing me with the skills to maintain a healthy attitude for the rest of my life.” – M James, Area Manager

“The Stress course has been profoundly beneficial to me. I was fast approaching burnout physically, mentally and emotionally. Over just seven weeks the physical symptoms are receding and I’m improving in every way, every day. This has been a blessing to me. I have more energy, a greater sense of well-being and happiness. I have more joy in my life, and this is just the beginning.” – P Rickman, HR Business Partner

“I have a huge amount of stress in my life. So when I finally came to realise that I needed to do something to manage my mental and physical health from the pressures of a busy  life, I discovered most of the solutions being I researched weren’t for me… imagine my delight when I found Mike Lawrence, who ‘gets it’, and not just someone who is an opportunist … Mike transferred to me, in a remarkably easy and understandable way, a skill I never knew I had, and now can’t imagine coping without – the ability to turn off the constant chatter in my head of daily detail, become aware of the tension carried in the body, and let all the stress evaporate.” – Loui Durand, Managing Director

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