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Breaking the Silence on Mental Health

Breaking the Silence on Mental Health

Breaking the Silence on Mental HealthAs we navigate through March, the narratives around our economy and personal wellbeing are becoming increasingly intertwined. Recent discussions have highlighted that we’ve entered a recession, a fact that many of us had sensed long before it was officially acknowledged. The evidence lies in the everyday – our shopping bags offer fewer items for more money, fuel pumps take longer to fill our tanks without reaching full, and the cost of leisure activities, from a night at the theatre to a simple gym session, all seem to be on an upward trajectory.

This financial strain inevitably impacts our mental health, a topic that, thanks to social media, is gaining attention. Posts about mental health resonate with many, attracting likes and comments, but it begs the question: Are we taking meaningful action beyond the digital gestures of support?

The Shift in Conversations

At my local Nuffield gym, I’ve observed a significant conversation shift. Where once the latest football scores of Chesterfield dominated the talk, discussions about mental health and wellbeing are now becoming a hot topic. However, these conversations often surface only when individuals are in crisis, highlighting a worrying trend towards reactive rather than proactive mental health support.

Taking Action for Mental Health

It’s crucial not only to talk about mental health but to take concrete steps towards improving it. Here are six resources for support:

  1. Hub of Hope: A comprehensive database for local mental health support.
  2. Samaritans: Immediate support for anyone in emotional distress.
  3. Rethink Mental Health: Resources and advocacy for those affected by mental illness.
  4. Mind: Information and support for mental health issues.
  5. Text Shout: A 24/7 text service for people in crisis.
  6. Mental Health Foundation: Promotes understanding and support for mental health

The Power of Mental Health First Aid

Mental health first aid training is a life-saving skill, equipping individuals with the knowledge to support those experiencing a mental health crisis. This training is vital, teaching us to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. It’s about creating a society where mental health is treated with the same urgency as physical health.

Why Mental Health First Aid Matters

For employers, investing in mental health first aid training is not just about compliance; it’s about creating a culture of empathy and understanding. This training fosters a supportive atmosphere in today’s hybrid and office working environments, ensuring employees feel seen, heard, and supported.

Let’s Be the Change

In emphasising the significance of mental health, notable figures have lent their voices to raise awareness. Among them, Prince William has poignantly remarked, “Mental health is just as important as physical health,” underlining the essential nature of addressing mental wellbeing with the same urgency and importance as physical health. This statement from a global figure not only highlights the universality of mental health issues but also encourages a more open and supportive dialogue around the topic.

I invite you to join me in breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health. By training in mental health first aid, you’re not just helping others but fostering a more compassionate society.

Mental health matters as much as physical health. It’s time to prioritise both and make a difference. Please get in touch with us directly for details on upcoming mental health first aid courses throughout 2024, for group bookings send me an email. Let’s break the silence and support each other in every way possible.

Mike Lawrence: Health & Wellbeing Enthusiast and Mental Health Advocate

Hi, I’m Mike Lawrence, and I’m dedicated to enhancing mental health and wellbeing. After overcoming significant health challenges, including brain surgery, I’ve committed to a journey of self-improvement and helping others. My adventures range from thrilling skydives for charity to transformative travels in Thailand. I share insights from my experiences and key learnings from impactful audiobooks. Join me in exploring holistic health and wellbeing, and let’s embrace life’s adventures together!

Feel free to connect with me through email at or Linkedin. For more detailed insights and stories from Mike, click here to read the latest blogs.

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